Communication Tips for LKDN Fraternal Education Initiative Presentation

Here is a checklist of tips to remember as a presenter.

Before the session:

  • Clearly understand your objective. 
  • Understand your audience.
  • Keep it simple. Closing:  State the points (not more than 3) that you want the listeners to remember as they walk out of the presentation. 
  • Final statement is an action step – What you want listeners to do next.
  • Know your presentation - Practice like you are in front of a group – Stand and speak using gestures.
  • Be very comfortable with your opening statement.

During your presentation:

  • Plant your feet firmly, shoulder length apart.
  • Be enthusiastic.
  • Use your vocal energy.
  • Use your gestures that reflect what you are saying.
  • Look at people, have eye contact with them. It is key to connect with your audience. 
  • Breathe.
  • Slow down, pause between thoughts. Pausing every now and then shows you are in control and it emphasizes what you are saying.
  • Stay on time or finish early.
  • Stay in the now – If something happens, stay calm, don’t apologize just recover!

After the session:

  • Debrief – What worked well and felt comfortable? What could I do more effectively next time?

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