Update #5


Prior to making a presentation I encourage you to visit that clubs website. You can read about the programs they support which will make it a little easier to break the ice when you meet the members. Also, some websites provide contact information to other clubs in the area. You could contact these clubs directly or ask your contact for a personal referral.

Here’s a way to increase attendance when you speak. Send the following to your contact 2 or 3 days before you are scheduled to speak:

I’m looking forward to presenting the information about the need for living kidney donors to your members.

Some people in the past have told me that they were disappointed that they missed my presentation. If it’s appropriate for you or someone else to send an email to club members about my upcoming presentation you could use the following:

Given the importance of the material being presented by our guest speaker this week I thought I would alert you to the topic.

Our guest speaker, Harvey Mysel is a 2-time kidney transplant recipient. Harvey is delivering a life saving message about the need for living kidney donors and will explain how one living kidney donor can save many lives.

I hope you are able to attend.


Thanks for your continued support.

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Harvey Mysel, Founder & President

Harvey established the LKDN after recognizing the need for better resources while pursuing a successful living kidney transplant in 2006. Our purpose is to share knowledge and build the confidence to enable the life changing benefits of living donation. Click here to learn more about Harvey.

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