Tuesdays with … – March 11, 2014

It’s never too late to start your Kidney Kampaign. I’d like to share with you an email I recently received from someone who attended my Oct 8, 2013 webinar. Here’s what she wrote:

I have such good news!!
Thanks to the LKDN webinar and the idea you planted in my head, I became receptive to the idea of finding a living donor. I DID find a living donor…NONE of this would have happened if I hadn't 'by chance' come across your website in September 2013. I don't quite know how to thank you! …I have an amazing story to tell…because my donor had only known me for 5 minutes when she volunteered to give me a kidney…I feel very blessed after being on dialysis for 2.5 year already... that I may soon be a transplant recipient, in great part thanks for your work.  
For your email:

I’ve been asked, “Am I too old to donate.” It’s not your age but your health. Many people 65 years old and older have donated. Recently, an 83-year-old woman donated.

What is amazing is that there are people who are donating a kidney when they don’t even know someone who is in need. The 83-year old woman was one of those non-directed donors. To read about an initiative to educate the public about living and non-directed donation, Click Here.

Many think that it’s a one in a million chance to be a donor. But the “matching” process has made it much easier to donate. And if your are not compatible then medical technology has allowed an incompatible donor to still donate and benefit their friend or family member. These type of arrangements are called paired exchanges. To read about paired exchanges Click Here.

Thanks for your continued support.

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Harvey Mysel, Founder & President

Harvey established the LKDN after recognizing the need for better resources while pursuing a successful living kidney transplant in 2006. Our purpose is to share knowledge and build the confidence to enable the life changing benefits of living donation. Click here to learn more about Harvey.

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