Tuesdays with … – March 18, 2014

Last week’s update included a story about an 83 year old woman who donated. In the “can you top this” now there’s an 85 year old donor. Her response was “she did not need to just sit at home knitting.” Don’t discount anyone’s offer to donate. Have the transplant hospital do the evaluation. Here’s a link to the story:

What about the upper age limit for receiving a kidney transplant? Many hospitals have a printed policy that they won’t accept a donor or recipient older than 65. Don’t rely on this info. We read about donors and recipients older than 65 all the time. LKDN is currently helping 2 people who have been cleared to receive a kidney transplant, both are 72+ years of age. Here’s a link to a story about a 74 year old receiving a kidney transplant. And remember, if one hospital doesn’t accept you to receive a kidney transplant another might. There isn’t a national standard for evaluating who could receive a transplant.

I’ll often read a posting or info on someone’s website where they mention the person in needs blood type. For a couple of reasons I encourage you not to reference your blood type. Many make a mistake thinking they know their blood type only to find out that they made a mistake. Even the hospital will have your blood type checked at least twice to avoid mistakes. And there are 2 ways to get around a donor with an incompatible blood type. Plasmapheresis and paired exchanges.  To read more about plasmapheresis Click Here. To read about  paired exchanges Click Here.

You could incorporate these stories in your “Share Your Spare" update.

As I’ve mentioned before, provide the name and contact info for the donor coordinator at your transplant hospital. Many donors get evaluated without telling their friend or family member. They do this because they don’t want to disappoint you if they are not healthy enough to donate.

Some weeks you may not have much to report. It’s still important to send an update and get your name in front of friends and family members. It might trigger some idea for them.

Do you really need to see another Coke commercial? Coke thinks so, they want their message to be “top of mind.” Treat your Kidney Kampaign the same way.

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