Tuesdays with … April 14, 2014

Here’s your Tuesdays with … update for those in need of a kidney transplant and their advocates. You could email the following to family members, friends and post on your Facebook page and other social media outlets. You could also include additional information about your health, progress and other activities. If this is your first Tuesdays with … update, click here to learn how to use Tuesdays with … to expand on your Kidney Kampaign.

Subject: Tuesdays with … (remove the … and place your name.)

This update is a call to action for you to help me educate others about the critical need for living kidney donors.

Most people are not aware that the kidney transplant waiting list has topped 100,000 this year – saying nothing of the over 400,000 individuals suffering silently on dialysis, most with no plan for a transplant.  In recent years, there have been fewer deceased and living kidney transplants, thus creating a perfect storm.

One way to reverse this trend is to let others outside the “kidney community” know about the issue.  The message is most impactful when connected to someone you know. Getting the message out is imperative to having a living donor find you and it helps the larger community as well.  Everyday I encounter unfamiliarity about kidney transplantation. Unlike other life threatening diseases, others CAN help with donation or advocacy.   

An article in the N.Y. Times makes the point that we need to be around people other than our immediate circle to increase awareness and put a personal “face” on this issue. Click here to read the N.Y. Times article.

(You could also provide some info about your health, dialysis, your energy level, something you and your family are doing together or an experience you’ve had at the transplant hospital.)

I am very grateful for the continued support I’m receiving. I would be very appreciative if you could pass along the information about my need for a kidney transplant. Either via email or you could post it on your Facebook page. Here’s a link that provides more information about my situation.

(Here’s where you should put the link to your Facebook page or website. If you don’t have one I encourage you to develop them and then use this update.)

Can you suggest another way to let others know about your need? Please share it with us by Clicking Here and we will include in in a future Tuesdays with... update.

If you know someone else in need of a kidney transplant or would like to pass this on to your doctor or a dialysis/transplant social worker please provide him or her with this link:

Until next week, we wish you the best in your journey.

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Harvey Mysel, Founder & President

Harvey established the LKDN after recognizing the need for better resources while pursuing a successful living kidney transplant in 2006. Our purpose is to share knowledge and build the confidence to enable the life changing benefits of living donation. Click here to learn more about Harvey.

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