How Do I Ask Someone to Donate

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The most common reason people give for not pursuing living kidney donation is the concern they have about asking someone to donate. What is more likely to occur is for the donor to hear about your need for a transplant and offer to donate. Of course, everyone that hears about your need won’t volunteer. However, someone who might be willing to donate is unable to, unless told about your situation. The key is getting the word out to as many people you know.

For many people, the “ah ha” moment occurs when they change their thought process from “I need to ask someone to donate”, to “I need to let people know about my situation, and educate them about the options that are available”.  The later results in having your donor find you!

This subtle difference can have a significant impact on your state of mind and willingness to talk to family members and friends.

Once you have the motivation to talk to other people, you need to educate yourself about living kidney donation. Having the knowledge about living donation will give you the confidence to talk about your situation.

The information on this web site will help you understand living kidney donation and provide you with suggestions on talking to your family members and friends.

Start by reading the information in the link, Understanding Living Kidney Donation and continue in the section titled Support for You, where you’ll learn more about Communicating Your Need.

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