Kidney snow sculpture designed to help find a donor

Jeffrey DeMars, KARE 8:37 p.m. EST January 8, 2014

COTTAGE GROVE, Minn. - It's nearly impossible not to notice the giant, smiling kidney snow sculpture that has made its home on Hillside Trail in Cottage Grove.

"We're on a predominant corner on a busy street in Cottage Grove," said Jennie Gorbunow.

If Jennie is the brain behind the organ work, her husband, Jim, is the brawn.

"I took some pieces of wood out of my garage and I built a big square three quarter box, and I took my snow blower and threw a bunch of snow into that," explained Jim Gorbunow.

With the help of his brother, the two packed down a good 7 feet of snow and started to chisel away.

This was before sub-zero temps and on a warmer day.

"They did an amazing job," said Jennie. "He and his brother are pretty artistic."

But this is just the beginning of the work.

"This one's just running on empty now," explained Jim, who had his first kidney transplant 13 years ago.

Now, he's in need of another. He said, at best, a transplanted kidney only lasts about 15 years.

The idea is for people to stop and look at the snow sculpture along with the "Wanted Donor" sign next to it.

"It could be anybody," Jennie said. "Jim can accept from A and O blood types it doesn't matter if it's positive or negative."

While the blood type can be either or, Jim prefers to stay positive.

"I've never been that kind of guy who lets things go from bad to worse. I've always try to keep a smile on face because when I'm smiling it keeps everybody else smiling," Jim smiled.

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