Letter from a friend or family member on your behalf

This letter is could come from a friend or family member of the person who is in need of a transplant.
Dear (Personalize letter if possible,)

I am writing to you about my, (i.e. friend, brother,) Jim. It’s to let you know about his current health challenge, and how you can help. This is not an easy letter for me to write, but I know that without sending this, someone who might be interested in helping won’t have that opportunity. 

Jim is a wonderful person. (You could talk about the work that Jim does, his family, the volunteer work he has done, his involvement with the community, anything that could connect Jim with other people.)

Jim suffers from kidney failure. (Give a brief history of Jim’s health challenges. Mention if Jim’s on dialysis, had a previous transplant, how long he’s been waiting, how many other people have tried to help etc. You could even include a picture of Jim that you think others would like to see. If Jim has made many positive lifestyle changes, mention them. If you are unable to donate, explain why.)  

Mention the long wait for a deceased donor and the benefits of receiving a kidney from a living donor. (The wait for a deceased donor is 5+ years and a kidney from a living donor lasts twice as long as one from a deceased donor.)
If Jim isn’t on dialysis, talk about how difficult it is to have a normal life while being on kidney dialysis, if he is on dialysis, you could describe the routine.

Be as straight forward as possible, “Jim needs a new kidney, and we hope you will consider being tested to be a donor.”

I know this is a big request. But I make it on behalf of someone who devotes every day of his life to making a difference to his family and friends.

If you can help, please do. If you know anyone who might, please forward this on. Forwarding this to your family, friends, work, school, congregation, or any other communities you belong to would be most gratefully appreciated.
If you would like to learn more about living kidney donation, please feel free to call me. I want to be as helpful as possible. You could also call Jim’s transplant coordinator, (Susan Smith at 555-1212,) and have a confidential conversation and get answers to any questions you have.  At first, you don’t even have to disclose who you are interested in helping, just that it is one of Susan’s patients.)
Thank you so much!

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Harvey Mysel, Founder & President

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