Living Kidney Donors Network Mission

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Our Mission

To educate people in need of a kidney transplant about living donation and to prepare them to effectively communicate their need to family members and friends.

Develop public awareness campaigns to promote a better understanding by the public about living kidney donation.... The Gift of Love!

Our Vision

To be the leading source of educational and communications training programs to someone interested in pursuing living kidney donation. 

Our Goal

To partner with transplant centers and other organizations that are in touch with those who need or will need a kidney transplant to help these individuals become successful at finding a living donor.

The Growing Need

There are approximately 100,000 people on the kidney transplant waiting list – and many people wait more than 5 -10 years for a kidney from a deceased donor. The waiting list has doubled in size over the past 10 years. Millions of dollars are spent to encourage people to register to be an organ donor in the event of their untimely death. However, only 1% of the deaths result in organs that could be used. Even if all of these organs were able to be recovered, it would not alleviate the shortage. A staggering 5,000 people die every year waiting for a kidney transplant and another 5,000 are taken off the list because they are no longer healthy enough to receive a transplant. Many of these individuals were good candidates for a transplant when they were first put on the waiting list.

Nationally, the number of living kidney transplants has been decreasing. The programs currently in place have not been effective at increasing the number of living kidney donations. Information about living kidney donation is available from many sources; transplant hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, nonprofit organizations and numerous web sites. However, this information is either not reaching the people who need it the most, or does not provide adequate help.  

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Harvey Mysel, Founder & President

Harvey established the LKDN after recognizing the need for better resources while pursuing a successful living kidney transplant in 2006. Our purpose is to share knowledge and build the confidence to enable the life changing benefits of living donation. Click here to learn more about Harvey.

Solutions are in everyone’s grasp.