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Getting Started with Your Kidney Campaign

If you haven’t already done so, click here to watch the free program, Having Your Kidney Donor Find YOU!

You’ll learn how others had a successful living kidney transplant experience and how you can too. They shared their story and when you spread the word about your situation, Your Donor Will Find YOU.

The most common reason given for not pursuing a living donor is that “I don’t want to ASK someone to donate.” But when you speak to donors and inquire, how did your recipient ask you to donate, they typically respond by saying, “No one asked me to donate, I heard about their situation and I was motivated to help.”

Over 96% of donors donate to someone they know or heard about their recipient’s situation when they or their advocates shared their story. It is essential for you and your advocates to develop and share your story with as many outlets as possible.

Having Your Kidney Donor Find YOU! will help you build confidence to develop your kidney campaign and provide you with ongoing support and new ways to share your story.

Here’s what you’ll learn from Having Your Kidney Donor Find YOU!

  1. How to develop a team of Advocates

  2. How to develop your Story

  3. Learn about Kidney Transplants so you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to share your story:

    • Donor Recipient Compatibility
    • Paired Exchanges

  4. You’ll learn the different ways of sharing your story

    • In person
    • Via email
    • Using social media
    • Getting creative

    Someone willing to donate is only able to do so if they are aware of your situation.

    Take the first step and learn how to develop your kidney campaign by watching the free online program, Having Your Kidney Donor Find YOU!

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Having Your KIDNEY Donor Find YOU! sounds like an unusual approach to pursuing a live kidney donor. . Click here.

Kidney Transplant Thursdays
On the 2nd Thursday of every month Kidney Transplant Thursdays encourages the kidney transplant community to educate the public about the need for living kidney donors. For individuals, click here, for organizations, click here